Clary Sage Studio
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About Me

Flowers communicate powerful messages. We carry bouquets at weddings as a sign of our joy. We place flowers at funerals as a testimony of our loss. We send them to friends and loved ones for comfort and congratulations. And we gift them to ourselves, as a reminder that even on the rainiest days, eventually winter ends and spring arrives. 

I started Clary Sage Studio in 2017 out of a desire to work with my hands. As a writer first, I never lost my love for telling stories as I became a florist, and I delight in telling yours through nature's fleeting beauty.



Because how it's grown matters

The freshest flowers are the ones grown closest to you. This is why Clary Sage Studio is committed to: 

  • Supporting local flower farmers. I buy 100% from American growers, with a focus on Pacific Northwest farms. 

  • Gardening organically. I cultivate seven plots in a community garden without pesticides or chemicals. 
  • Composting and sustainable foraging practices, and I never use floral foam. My business leaves a small footprint.
  • Caring for my customers. Let me know how I can best serve you.